Katie Nolan and ESPN are in hot water for their comments about President Donald Trump.

Nolan appeared on Viceland's talk show "Desus and Mero" on Wednesday. According to Uproxx, the TV personality talked about Tom Brady's intelligence, her first few days on her new network, ESPN, and other media personalities like Jason Whitlock. Then the conversation took a turn where they talked about hand gestures associated with white supremacists. Nolan said that Trump uses the thumbs-up emoji "because he's a [expletive] stupid person."

Many were disappointed and even furious of her statements. So, a number took to Twitter to question her educational background.

"@POTUS went to an Ivy League school and has an IQ higher than Obama. I wonder where #KatieNolan was educated? #MAGA," Mr Big reacted on Twitter.

"Just curious what #KatieNolan has accomplished in her life and why she feels qualified to call our billionaire POTUS stupid? #boycottESPN," another user wrote.

"#MSM commentators,sports/otherwise,should receive training to understand they are not as smart as they think,especially if they graduated from a middle of the road college,have no grad degree, majored in public relations, and minored in dance," Brad Gay wrote.

A number also attacked Nolan's talent and capacity to run a business by comparing her to Trump's achievements. Trump who made billions from business, ran TV shows and won the national election.

Some strike at Nolan by questioning her knowledge to comment on political matters when she is just a sports commentator. Others are calling ESPN to fire Nolan.

However, according to TMZ, Nolan was just warned and would not be suspended. Its headline read: "Katie Nolan Warned, Not Suspended By ESPN...For Trump Attack."

"We have looked into the totality of Nolan's comments, they were inappropriate and we have addressed it with her," a rep from the network told the publication.

ESPN's Jemele Hill also made headlines earlier after calling Trump "white supremacist." She was suspended for two weeks after violating the company's social media guidelines.

However, many were not pleased with the network's decision not to suspend Nolan. Some even accused ESPN of being a double standard for not treating Nolan's violations as how they handled Hill's. Thus, the network was also criticized.

What can you say about Nolan's statement against Trump? Should ESPN, suspend or fire her? Is the network's choice to warn her enough? Drop a comment below.