Following the release of her new song with Migos, “Bon Appetit,” Katy Perry’s fans were not completely happy with the artist about her decision to collaborate with the rappers.

On Friday, Perry announced the release of her new single with the “Bad & Bougee” performers and while some fans enjoyed the tune, others called the singer out on Instagram for making a song with the three who previously made controversial statements regarding a rapper who revealed he was gay.

Although they have since apologized, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Migos said that the reason why people supported rapper iLoveMakonnen after he came out was because “this world is not right.”

Despite the apology, some remained offended by the comments and fans of Perry condemned her choice to collaborate with the rappers.

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“Bad song. Not good,” one disappointed fan wrote.

“Great Song but bad featuring,” another fan wrote in the comment section on the singer’s Instagram page.

“@katyperry do your fans a favor and DON’T. You are far better than being homophobic,” a fan stated.

“You co-working with these homophobes makes me sick. How could you?” another fan asked.

“Love the song but it would be x10 better if it didn’t feature Migos and featured Ariana Grande or Nicki Minaj. They don’t bring anything to the song,” one fan wrote.

However, some fans tried to remain positive and support the singer. “#WeloveBonAppetit let’s make it popular!!!! Katy is so sad about the haters, this is a perfect song, and she is a perfect singer, we have to support her!!!!” one fan wrote.

“Katy don't worry about it, you know you have the katycats, and we have the best mother, friend, idol and everything. you are our life,” another fan wrote.

“I love your new song with migos and I think you look so beautiful with that hair,” another fan wrote.

Perry has yet to address the backlash that she has received since the release of the single.