White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a major flub regarding Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett during her latest press briefing.

On Thursday, McEnany mistakenly credited Barrett for being a “Rhodes Scholar.” However, she was forced to walk back the statement when a member of the press pointed out that she made a mistake.

“That’s what I have written here,” McEnany told the reporter as she referred back to her notes.

The journalist then explained that Barrett attended Rhodes College and was not awarded a Rhodes scholarship. “Attended Rhodes College. So, my bad,” McEnany replied.

Barrett was never the recipient of The Rhodes Scholarship, which is a prestigious international award given to students to study at the University of Oxford. The 48-year-old actually received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes College in Tennessee. She is also a Notre Dame Law School alumna.

Although McEnany was quick to move on and continue the briefing, the folks on Twitter began mocking her mistake by suggesting that she was referring to a knock-off version of a Rhodes scholar, a “roads scholar.” The term even trended on the social media platform Thursday.

“I drive down roads. So like the Supreme Court nominee, I’m also a Roads Scholar,” one person joked.

Another person added, “I once passed through Oxford, Mississippi on a road trip. While there I read a couple chapters in a book. I’m a Rhodes Scholar (Roads Scholar?) who studied at Oxford.”

Meanwhile, one person suggested that anyone who can drive qualifies as a road scholar. “Technically anyone who passes a driving test is a roads scholar,” the individual wrote.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is pictured. Photo: GETTY IMAGES / CHIP SOMODEVILLA