Kelly Osbourne shocked the red carpet oglers with gray hair at the People's Choice Awards Wednesday night.

No, the 27-year-old bad-girl-gone-good isn't prematurely aging.

I can't keep bleaching my hair, and I want to grow it, she told People magazine. So I take breaks in between. I did it a year ago. It was more of a lavender-y gray, but I went straight gray this time. I'll change it tomorrow.

Osbourne's mother, Sharon, was not thrilled with her daughter's choice of hair color.

She hates it, Osbourne said, People reported. This is the woman who made me who I am today, and she questions it. I don't understand it. 

Osbourne is certainly no stranger when it comes to experimenting with her style, especially her hair color. She's sported pink, black, blonde, and white hairstyles.

Here are some of her different hair colors throughout the years.

Which one do you think fits her best?