Amid rumors that she and Ben Simmons have broken up, Kendall Jenner has now dropped a bombshell when she admitted that she wants to shave all of her hair off in a recent interview.

During a sit-down interview with E! News, Jenner gushed over the upcoming Met Gala and among the things she excitedly talked about was her plans for a new look. When asked about the possibility of a drastic makeover, the fashion model expressed her desire to just shave all of her hair off.

“I think about just shaving it all off sometimes,” Jenner says in the video clip of the interview published on the news outlet’s website. After dropping a shocking statement, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter played it cool by laughing, but her expression seemingly turned awkward when she realized what she just said.

Jenner then quickly retracted her statement and modify the new look she’s planning to go for. “I mean not like a buzz. But I think about chopping it off.” But according to the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, there’s one problem if she cuts her hair short.

“If I cut my hair that short then I’d just look like my mom. I’ve been on sets before and they’ve put short wigs on me like my mom … it’s too much … I literally am mini Kris Jenner. That’s the problem,” she said.

Jenner appears to be carefree these days in her interviews and social media posts, so it’s clear that she’s not minding all of the rumors pointing to her alleged breakup with boyfriend Ben Simmons. She has not been spotted with the Philadelphia 76ers player for more than a month now.

The rumors intensified this week when Jenner was spotted hanging out with her ex-boyfriends on separate occasions. She was seen with Jordan Clarkson at Travis Scott’s birthday party in Los Angeles earlier this week. Then last weekend, she and Blake Griffin reunited while Simmons was focused on his team’s game against the Raptors.

Both Jenner and Simmons have been very private about their relationship, but they’ve been pretty flirty toward each other on social media. Given the lack of interaction between the two for weeks now, it’s not surprising why many are claiming that they may have decided to quietly go separate ways.