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“Dance Moms” star Kendall Vertes asks fans to “stop the hate” after she and her mom are accused of bullying. Above, Kendall poses at Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards presentation in Los Angeles March 12. Getty Images

Jill Vertes’ feud with “Dance Moms” newcomer Ashlee Allen has propelled her daughter Kendall Vertes and herself into the spotlight. After a particularly dramatic episode of the Lifetime series Tuesday, the 13-year-old performer and her mom are speaking out about the backlash they’ve received from viewers.

One day following the latest Season 6 installment, which encompassed Jill’s refusal to celebrate Ashlee’s daughter Brynn Rumfallo’s introduction to the Abby Lee Dance Company team, some “Dance Moms” viewers accused Jill of being a bully. After being asked by one Twitter user whether she was “proud” of making the 12-year-old Brynn cry, Jill replied by denying she has it out for her daughter’s teammate and asked that fans not judge a person based on their television persona.

“People shouldn’t judge a person or a child from what they see on a TV show,” Jill wrote. “I’m not a bully, but I surely am being bullied now. Funny how people hate a bully, then act a bully.”

Jill, who accused Ashlee of playing the victim, said she challenges her on the show because she’s “rude and out of line all the time.” Jill added that without producers bringing the mother-daughter duo onto the program, “there wouldn’t be drama.”

Watch a dramatic “Dance Moms” scene featuring Brynn and Ashlee below:

Jill said fans should cut Kendall some slack over the promotional video for next week that shows her going toe-to-toe with Ashlee because her daughter is innocent in the equation. The mom of three said the show’s producers prod the drama and use 42 minutes of footage gathered during a 60-hour filming week, which is just enough time to “get all the rotten stuff they need.”

“Truly a shame! Kendall is an innocent child caught in an adult game,” Jill wrote. As for how being on the reality-TV show will affect her daughter in the long run, Jill said she’s hopeful about a positive outcome. “I guess time will tell. Kendall is a well-adjusted young girl with a great story to tell.”

While Kendall did not directly respond to the controversy, she did ask her supporters to rise above the drama. “Wow, can’t thank you guys enough! Love you all to the moon and back,” she posted on Instagram Wednesday after being notified she now has 3.3 million followers. “Wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. #pleasestopthehate #itsjustatvshow.”

Airing March 29, episode 13 of Season 6 of “Dance Moms” will show Kendall “stand up” to Ashlee during the pyramid segments. Her actions will cause the moms to wonder whether their daughters are becoming “too involved” in their drama, according to Lifetime’s synopsis.

“Dance Moms” airs on Lifetime Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT.