Kevin Bacon apologized after he accidentally spoiled this week’s episode of “The Following,” where Bacon plays FBI agent Ryan Harding. Bacon inadvertently spoiled fans on the episode’s twist ending after retweeting a fan congratulating him for his acting. 

On Tuesday, a fan with the Twitter handle @jodigomes mentioned Bacon in a spoiler-laded tweet, revealing the big twist ending of that night’s episode of “The Following.” Gleaming with pride, Bacon then retweeted the message to his 234,166 followers, inadvertently spoiling this week’s “The Following” for international audiences who hadn’t seen the episode live.

It seems that Bacon didn’t consider that international audiences may not have seen the week’s episode of “The Following.” After all, he’s known the plot twist for months (seeing as he filmed it and everything), and it’s possible that he just got a little too excited that he could finally speak about it openly. 

“To all the fans abroad  and late watchers I'm truly sorry I retweeted a spoiler. I just wasn't thinking. Won't happen again. #MyBad,” Bacon apologized on Tuesday

Bacon apologized for the incident, but just in case fans thought he was being insincere with his apology, the veteran actor also tweeted a short video on Vine of himself telling fans, “My bad.” Now that’s true penance. 

If you’re interested in seeing the spoiler that Kevin Bacon apologized for, you can check out the original offending tweet by @jodigomes here, but maybe it’s best to keep the actual spoilers off this article for now. 

“The Following” stars Bacon as FBI agent Ryan Harding, who must track down a cult-like network of serial killers, led by a charismatic mastermind. The show’s lead writer Kevin Williamson recalls to Enertainment Weekly that Kevin Bacon was his number one choice for the role. 

''I told my agent, 'I want to get someone like Kevin Bacon,''' he told Entertainment Weekly. ''And he said, 'What about Kevin Bacon?'''