Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith revealed King Shark’s introduction in the Arrowverse made him binge-watch all “The Flash” and “Arrow” episodes he missed. Pictured: Smith leads a panel discussion for the new reality show “Comic Book Men” at AMC’s TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California on Jan. 14, 2012. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

Despite being a huge comic book fan and a comic book writer himself, Kevin Smith admitted that he had some doubts when he first heard that a few TV shows were going to be created based on comics.

“I look at these as sacred texts,” Smith said (via Comic Book Resources) of superhero comic books during the “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow” panel at PaleyFest, which he hosted on Saturday afternoon. “When I was told they were doing TV shows based on comics I loved as a kid, I was skeptical. I had those comic books in such high esteem, and nothing could touch that feeling.”

Smith went on to reveal that it took him a long time to buy into CW shows based on comics, but he eventually gave them a try due to the continued nudging of his longtime friend Jason Mewes.

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“Jason Mewes, thank god, he’s the biggest CW fan. I’m pretty sure their demographic is 12-year-old girls and Jason Mewes,” Smith joked.

Smith also admitted that he wasn’t a faithful follower of the Arrowverse right from the start, revealing that he was “finally sucked in” by CW’s DC TV universe when King Shark was introduced on “The Flash.”

“King Shark, one of the most ridiculous villains in the DC Universe, you would never want to try him in live-action,” Smith said. “I got a phone call that he would be in the episode — Jason Mewes called me up, [who sounded panicked on the phone]. [I was like,] ‘Are we under attack by ISIS?’ [Jason responded, ‘No, King Shark’s on ‘Flash’!’”

“[At the time] I had the same feeling that I used to get when I read an issue of the comic book,” Smith continued. “I felt transported. I felt like a better person. I wanted more.” After King Shark’s debut appearance in Season 2, episode 4 of “The Flash,” Smith said that he binge-watched all “The Flash” and “Arrow” episodes he missed.

A few months after King Shark’s debut episode aired, “The Flash” tapped Smith to direct Season 2, episode 21, titled “The Runaway Dinosaur.” After that, he went to direct Season 3, episode 7, titled “Killer Frost.”

Smith also got to direct two episodes of “Supergirl.” His first directorial gig on “Supergirl” was Season 2, episode 9, titled “Supergirl Lives.” Meanwhile, his second one, Season 2, episode 17, titled “Distant Sun,” is set to air on March 27.