Khloé Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian, photographed during A+E Networks' Winter TCAs on Jan. 6, 2016 in Pasadena, California, opened up about her troubled marriage to Lamar Odom during an appearance on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show. Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian has always been somewhat tight-lipped about marriage troubles between her and estranged husband Lamar Odom. Now that the former NBA player is out of the hospital and in relatively good health, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is holding nothing back about their relationship.

In an interview with shock-jock Howard Stern on Wednesday, Kardashian, 31, opened up about their ups and downs, from Odom's cheating while they were together to his recent overdose at a legal Nevada brothel. The reality star revealed a lot of information previously unknown facts to her fans. Here are the five most shocking revelations:

1. Khloé says she made her former beau swear his days of paying for sex are over, at least in brothels. She told Stern, 62, she said: "You do whatever the f--- you wanna do, but please promise me you'll never go back to a disgusting brothel ever again." The "KUWTK" star told listeners he obliged.

2. When asked why a man of Odom's age — just 36 years old — would resort to herbal Viagra, a drug which he reportedly used while at the brothel in October 2015, Kardashian said she wasn't sure. Her best assumption was that because of the other influences he was under he was "a little limp down there" and needed assistance. She also said she wasn't sure why the substance had been such a key focus of media outlets, adding that it isn't what caused his overdose, but rather a combination of things.

3. Kardashian was also asked about their seemingly happy marriage. She told the Sirius XM host that it was a complete surprise to her to learn that Odom had been unfaithful as she "never speculated cheating."

4. Kardashian then revealed to Stern the jaw-dropping way Odom managed to cheat without getting caught: through his assistant. She told Stern he would have his assistant make calls or send texts to other women for him, setting up hook ups and the like. Odom reportedly used a different phone to communicate with the women he was cheating with. Kardashian said it was "disgusting," adding that she was infuriated with the assistant.

5. Perhaps the most surprising tidbit of information came toward the end of Kardashian and Stern's discussion. According to E! Online, the "Strong Looks Better Naked" author told the show's host that even with all the horrible things Odom did, she doesn't regret having rushing into marrying him. Kardashian, who married Odom in 2009 after only a few months of dating, admitted that she knew fans would think she was crazy, but said she knew he loved her and that at one point, they loved each other.

"Yes, I"m sure people will say it was a mistake for me. I wouldn't change what I did because it was also some of the best times of my life," she said. "I wouldn't say it was a mistake. I needed that experience. The love I received was the love I needed at the time."

Meanwhile Odom continues to focus on getting back to his old self after being released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. On Monday, the former L.A. Lakers star was cleared of all potential charges stemming from the brothel incident. It was initially believed he would be charged with possession of cocaine after his release from the hospital, however Nye County Sheriffs have determined that it would be next to impossible to prove that Odom had taken the substance while in their jurisdiction.

Kardashian's ex was hospitalized Oct. 13, 2015 after being found unconscious inside Love Ranch South. A brothel employee is said to have stumbled across him and called 911. At the time she told the dispatcher she was unsure Odom was breathing, adding that he had blood and mucus coming from his mouth and nose. He was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation before being moved to Sunrise Medical Center where he stayed for a few more days. Although the initial prognosis looked grim Odom began making slight improvement and several days later, he had opened his eyes.