• "Killing Eve" Season 3 may reveal more clues about Villanelle's parents
  • The plot this time around has been about Villanelle searching for her parents
  • According to a theory, Villanelle's parents are Konstantin and Dasha

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has been searching for her parents in “Killing Eve” Season 3. However, are they closer to her than she thinks? According to a new theory, the character has already met her parents, but she hasn’t noticed the clues around her.

According to a theory by Screen Rant, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and Dasha (Harriet Walter) are Villanelle’s parents. There are plenty of clues on the show to suggest this, but the character hasn’t been able to recognize them.

Villanelle has been occupied with her work that has brought her close to Konstantine, who has been giving her advice and warnings from time to time, and her former mentor Dasha. So far, she has enjoyed a luxurious life and job that can keep her on her toes, but what she is missing is a family.

The only way Villanelle can break the shackles The Twelve have put on her is by gaining power. According to Villanelle , she will gain this power by finding out the truth about her parents. She came a step closer to finding out the truth when Konstantine revealed that some members of her family are still alive.

Dasha was introduced in “Killing Eve” Season 3, just after Konstantine’s revelation. The fact that Dasha and Villanelle are so much alike suggests that there may be a deeper connection between the two. Add to this Konstantine’s fatherly concern for the protagonist, it suggests that Villanelle’s parents have been with her all along.

The main storyline of the show is the relationship between Villanelle and Eve (Sandra Oh). The two characters had a reunion on the show recently and they even shared an unexpected kiss in the middle of a fight. Executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle told The Hollywood Reporter that the kiss was a way for Eve to buy some time against Villanelle in the fight, but the producer also pointed out that it is hard to resist kissing Comer’s character when she gets so close.

“Killing Eve” Season 3, episode 4 is titled “Still Got It.” A preview video has been released online, and the episode will air on May 3 at 9 p.m. EDT on BBC America and AMC.

Actress Jodie Comer channeled her "Killing Eve" character on the Golden Globes red carpet
Actress Jodie Comer channeled her "Killing Eve" character on the Golden Globes red carpet AFP / VALERIE MACON