Tripwire Interactive just launched the all-new content pack update for its cop-op, sci-fi horror first-person shooter “Killing Floor 2.” The update that is now available on PC, the PS4 and PS4 Pro is said to intensify the unpredictable horror in he game.

On Tuesday, Tripwire issued a press release regarding the new Descent Content Pack for “Killing Floor 2,” the first major update for the game since its launch last fall. Present in this update are two new maps, the Descent and Nuked. The Descent is the namesake map that contains never-before-seen content. It comes with the new Holdout sub-mode into Survival that introduces players to a random battle location each wave. As for the Nuked map, Tripwire simply stated that this is a community-made map. Along with the new maps, the developer is also introducing new trophies thanks to the new Trophy update on the PlayStation Store Network.

The free content pack also introduces two new weapons into the game. The first one is the Spitfires. Players who got their hands on the original “Killing Floor” may be very familiar with this weapon since it is considered as a fan-favorite. The second weapon is the Stoner 63a LMG. Tripwire stated that this is a light machine gun with long sustained fire.

Following the Descent Content Pack’s release, Tripwire wants more players to join the fun in “Killing Floor 2.” Hence, the developer and publisher of the game is putting it on sale for 33 percent on the PlayStation Store starting this Tuesday until March 28. There’s also a Free Trial Version that will be available on PSN for one week until next Tuesday. On Steam, “Killing Floor 2” will be up for grabs at a discounted price. The game will have a 50 percent discount starting this Thursday until next Monday.

“Killing Floor 2” is the sequel to 2009’s first installment in the “Killing Floor” series. It is set exactly a month after the events that took place in the original game, but it is twice as bloody and challenging as the first game. As the outbreak of Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment continues to spread in Europe, a group of mercenaries and civilians work together to combat its effects