Kim Jong-il is paranoid to the point he frequently goes into hiding and carries out executions to instill fear among the people.

But it seems the North Korean dictator can't get a peaceful night of sleep either.

Apparently, he has recurring nightmares about being stoned.

Chung Mong-joon, a former head of the ruling Grand National Party, is the son of late Hyundai Group's founder Chung Ju-young, who met Kim on numerous occasions.

Chung recalled hearing the story from his father and told MBC, a South Korean broadcasting station.

My father met Kim Jong-il many times and had lengthy conversations with him over meals. Kim once said, 'Many people come to greet me wherever I go, but I know that they don't like me. I have dreams of being stoned, and the first stones are thrown by Americans, followed by South Koreans, and the third by North Koreans,'

He added, That seems to suggest that Kim knows how desperate the situation is in North Korea.

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