Reality star Kim Kardashian tweeted steamy new bikini pictures on Sunday, taken underwater.

The curvaceous star is known to use her twitter account to flaunt her toned physique to her millions of followers, as she showed her body in a two-piece bikini as recently as last week.

While she is often busy promoting her brand, which includes everything from diet pills to a reality show, she found time to relax with her siblings, Kendall and Kylie Jenner this weekend, and have them take sexy bikini pictures taken of her.

"Swim good" reads the caption of one of the photos, which reveals most of her infamous butt. A second photo caption reads "Air needs Me" and is a black and white picture of Kim Kardashian. Over 200,000 fans have already liked the photos, with comments such as, "OMG you look soo cool," and "little mermaid."

Though her large derriere often makes headlines, as people debate over whether or not it is real, Kim Kardashian seems to have no issue with flaunting it to the public.

But Kim Kardashian is not the only person who enjoys tweeting pictures of her behind to followers. Last week, her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, snapped a photo of Kim Kardashian with her back turned and rear in full view as she wore a backless white dress. The picture caption read, "MERCY," which also happens to be the title of the hit single he recently released.