Kim Kardashian reportedly got a text from her ex-boyfriend Ray J on her wedding day on Saturday reminding her of the 2007 sex tape they created.

The E! reality star married her NBA player boyfriend Kris Humphries on Saturday night in a lavish ceremony in Monecito, Calif.

And Kim's mother Kris Jenner is furious that Ray J allegedly texted the reality star about it, the Chicago Sun-times reported.

But R&B singer Ray J recently gave an interview to Chicago's WGCI-FM (107.5) saying he was so over that relationship, yet he remained pretty vague when asked exactly what kind of message he sent Kim on Saturday.

I wish them the best. She's doing real good right now, that what it is, Ray J said, as reported by the Sun-Times. However, reports are that Ray J's messages to Kim claimed it was their sex video that helped turn her into a media phenomenon. Kim had initially sued to quash the video, and her hit reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians launched less than a year after the video first leaked.

TMZ reported that Kim's basketball player husband wasn't the only one who wanted to consummate his marriage to the star, as over the weekend millions of fans were flooding the official Web site for Kardashian's sex tape.

TMZ said roughly two million people visited between Friday and Sunday night, which gave the site that only averages 300,000 unique visitors per month a huge boost.

TMZ said Ireland led the pack with the Internet searches for Kim's sex tape based on Google Trends data.