A book of Kim Kardashian selfies will be at your bookstore in the near future. The 33-year-old reality star is releasing “Selfish,” a photo book of some of her best images. Selfies have become all the rage on social media in the past few years, and Kim has certainly taken advantage, using Instagram to show off her perfect contouring and newest shoes.

The book should come as no surprise, especially after her recent trip to Thailand, which was featured on recent episodes of her family's hit E! reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The Armenian beauty took photos practically every other minute -- so much so that sister Khloe was clearly irritated and told Kim she was way too obsessed with herself. While Kim said the selfies were for her rapper husband Kanye West, who was not able to join the family vacation, it seems some of the snaps were for her fans as well.

"It ended up turning out so cool that we came up with this idea to do a book — a selfie book," Kim said during an episode of the show. "I'm going to make some, like, super-racy. I mean, every girl takes, like, full, like, pictures of their a-- in the mirror."


Kim is not the only one in her family who knows how to take a good selfie. Her younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, in June put out their tips for taking the perfect selfie. "We actually like to keep it really simple. It's all about knowing your light and angles," Kendall told Stylelist.com

The $19.95 hardcover book of 352 pages is set to be published by Rizzoli's Universe imprint in April 2015.