Reality star Kim Kardashian shows that you do not have to count every calorie to have one of Hollywood's most enviable bodies.

With magazines showing the best bikini bodies in Hollywood and commercials promoting weight loss pills promising to get you back in your skinny jeans in one week, our society is weight obsessed. We are told that we could always exercise more, eat healthier, and weigh less.

But on Thursday night, Kim Kardashian shared bikini photos of herself to her close to 16 million followers on Twitter with the hashtags "#nofilter" and "#nophotoshop." The photos have already been liked by over 150,000 fans.

"I was never going to be one of those skinny girls and now I've accepted my curvy shape, I feel so much better," she said in an interview with British magazine Closer earlier this year. She went on to say, "You can't spend your life worrying about calories."

In the meantime, when she is not tweeting pictures of her curves, Kim Kardashian has been spending time with her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West. The couple recently was in New York to see "Book of Mormon" on Broadway and went on vacation in Mexico, where they went ziplining with Girls Gone Wild businessman Joe Francis.