Is the feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift still ongoing? The reality star is preparing to release a new perfume with her sister Kylie Jenner, and the fragrance will be released on the same day that the singer is dropping her new music.

April 26 will be an interesting day for two different fandoms. This is the day when Kardashian and Jenner will be releasing their new perfume and when Swift will be dropping a new single.

Kardashian has announced that she will be releasing the new perfume at noon on April 26, Us Weekly reported. Swift, on the other hand, has also been counting down the days for what many believe will be a new single that will be released ahead of her seventh studio album.

The coincidence of the same release date has not gone unnoticed by the fans. Some have wondered if Kardashian deliberately chose the same release date for her perfume as Swift’s date for her music release.

The feud between Kardashian and Swift started after the latter slammed Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, for referring to her as a “b---h” in one of his songs. The reality star shot back by sharing a recording that seemed to show how Swift agreed to the use of the word. The “Love Story” singer, on the other hand, said that she never got to listen the final version of West’s song and added that never approved of the lyric he used.

Kardashian suggested that she had moved on from the feud earlier this year, and said that she was “over it.” However, this new move of releasing her perfume on a date that Swift has been promoting her music suggests that there is more drama ahead.

The new perfume will be available in lip-shaped bottles. Kardashian has teased the fragrance’s availability in nude, pink and red colored bottles, US Weekly reported.

Apart from launching a new perfume, Kardashian is also busy preparing for the bar exam. The reality TV star has announced that she is studying to be a lawyer, and will be taking the bar in 2022, People reported.