Kim Kardashian, who got married to her basketball player boyfriend Kris Humphries on Saturday, must have revealed the most secrete part of her wedding ceremony just days before the function at a private state in California. The wedding dress, about which many speculation and rumors had been making rounds in media, was rumored to be unveiled with the first display of Kim's was figure at Madam Tussauds Museum in California.

Presented by infamous blogger Perez Hilton, the white wedding gown was quite the show stopper, with lots of sequence and taffeta.

The wax figure of the reality super star was unveiled by Perez on Thursday, just two days before her biggest day. Kim was not present at Tussauds at the time of unveil. The statue is also adorned with a diamond and emerald necklace worth $1 million.

Take a look at new bride Kim's wax statue.