King Charles III and Queen Camilla waved from the Buckingham Palace balcony following their coronations


  • King Charles faces calls to modernize the institution, a royal expert says
  • Shannon Felton Spence said the King is right for the job as he is "pragmatic and modern"
  • King Charles has shown a "willingness to usher the British monarchy to its new era," according to the expert

King Charles III will bring the British monarchy to a "new era," according to a royal expert.

Prince William and Prince Harry's father, 74, was formally crowned King of Britain in a historic ceremony at London's Westminster Abbey Saturday. But his job has only just begun, and as calls to modernize the monarchy grow, it won't be easy, according to British royal expert Shannon Felton Spence.

"The King has some difficult challenges ahead after the coronation," the public affairs speaker and commentator told Fox News Digital. "The affinity that existed for Queen Elizabeth II kept the monarchy afloat, as much of the public saw her as a grandmother-type figure. But since her death, there have been increasing calls to modernize this institution and to answer for, or even acknowledge its colonial past."

But Felton Spence said she believes King Charles is "the right king at the right time to take this on."

"He cares deeply about securing the institution but in a way that is pragmatic and modern. He has shown an ability and willingness to usher the British monarchy to its new era. He was on hand in 2021 when Barbados became a republic – effectively removing the British monarch as the head of state," the royal expert explained.

Felton Spence also opened up about some of King Charles' responsibilities as monarch.

According to the commentator, the King works on diplomatic efforts both in and out of the U.K. each day as part of his duties.

The royal expert also shared that the monarch regularly meets with his staff regarding his patronages. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was a patron of over 500 organizations before she passed away last year.

King Charles also acts as "CEO" to the royal family institution and the Duchy of Lancaster as well as makes "decisions about how each working member can best serve the government and the public," according to Felton Spence.

British royal expert Hilary Fordwich, a corporate keynote speaker and global business development leader with a successful consulting firm, noted that Charles has always worked long hours for the institution and said she expects him to continue this habit now that he is the monarch.

"From dawn to dusk, the king works," Fordwich told Fox News Digital. "He's not into frivolity. He will continue to conduct more than 200 royal events every year, with at least a day and a half to prep. That's almost every day! Does anyone know anyone who is 74½ years old doing that? [We can expect] more connection with people. He even walked over to the 'Not My King' protesters last week! He has guts and courage."

King Charles was crowned alongside his wife, Queen Camilla, during Saturday's coronation. His Majesty succeeded the throne immediately after Queen Elizabeth II died at age 96 in September 2022, just months after celebrating her 70th year as monarch.

A recent study by the National Center for Social Research suggested that opposition to the monarchy has grown in recent years, especially among young people. Just 29% of respondents thought the monarchy was "very important," which the center said was the lowest level in its 40 years of research on the subject.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla returned to Buckingham Palace after the coronation