Britain's Prince Harry attends a rugby event at Buckingham Palace gardens in London


  • Prince Harry wore a French designer instead of a British brand for King Charles' coronation
  • Most guests during the coronation opted for a British brand for such a patriotic occasion
  • Prince Harry was reportedly doing things his way and asserting his newfound independence

Prince Harry's outfit at the coronation raised some eyebrows.

The Duke of Sussex opted to wear a bespoke three-piece suit by Dior's artistic director Kim Jones when he arrived at Westminster Abbey for King Charles' coronation. Fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder weighed in on Prince Harry's fashion choice since, unlike most guests, he did not support a British brand on such a "patriotic occasion."

"It seemed, however, that Harry did not get the fashion memo - either that, or he was in a petulant mood," Holder told Daily Mail. "The Prince turned up looking smart if somewhat apprehensive in an immaculate Dior suit, a potentially rebellious move on his behalf. Harry would have been well-versed in the protocol of supporting domestic businesses, and the message doing so would convey."

Holder alleged that the duke's move may have meant something more, especially since he's a member of the royals and was expected to know the protocol for such a unique event.

"In true royal family style, Harry, like his late grandmother, is a true expert in visual representation, and his decision to wear a French designer to this historic occasion spoke volumes," the fashion expert continued. "The message was clearly, 'I'm here, but I'm doing this my own way,' a firm assertion that his newfound independence was not going to change, that he would run alongside the royal pack rather than within it."

Another source claimed he slighted his father with his "heartless" behavior. An unnamed source told Fox News Digital that he "didn't bow to the new king or sing the anthem," which was allegedly beyond shameful.

International Business Times could not independently verify the claims.

The report about Prince Harry's behavior at the coronation received mixed responses. Some slammed Prince William's brother, while others felt the tabloids should leave him alone.

"Even though he had a life of privilege and inherited millions from his mother, he's a bitter man. The title of his book speaks volumes as to the jealousy over William. He could have been anything, yet chose to slander the very same family that afforded him all his opportunities," one commented.

"I'm not really sure how Prince Harry is slighting anyone but his own children. Dude was floundering his whole life and met a narcissist who wanted to be famous and did just that at the expense of this dude's legacy. Stop making these two out to be some sort of revolutionaries," another added.

"It goes both ways. Charles snubs Harry and his wife always, so why not give the King some of his own medicine[?] Should be family first, NOT the Crown," a third person claimed.

"Yo Fox, why y'all gotta be hating[?] Dude is happy," a fourth commenter opined.

Prince Harry immediately flew back to California after the coronation ceremony to reunite with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their kids — Archie and Lilibet. Archie celebrated his 4th birthday on the same day as King Charles' coronation.

Charles' coronation will feature three days of celebrations but comes amid fallout from the publication of Prince Harry's memoir "Spare"