Kingdom Hearts III developments have gone silent despite the recent release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5. Unfortunately, Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura is unsure when that drought will end. This news arrives via translations of a recent Famitsu interview.

When asked about the next major update regarding Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura supposedly said “the timing to reveal new info is unknown.” However, it’s also added that he clarified “at least that’s what I’m able to tell the publication.”

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In other words, while the first sentence is enough to contribute to growing concern about the project, the latter half should give fans some solace. Should these translations be accurate, it would appear Nomura is simply barred from talking rather than truly being uncertain. If he is, however, this statement is certainly something to make note of.

This small snippet about the fate of Kingdom Hearts III arrives as part of a larger cover story for the series’ fifteenth anniversary. In due time, hopefully we’ll get even more English quotes from the full conversation.

As disheartening as this news may be to the Keyblade faithful, it’s not the first time Nomura has opened up about the game’s development troubles. In January he told Gematsu the process “still has some way to go.” because many of the game’s worlds remain unfinished. A major reveal was announced for this winter, but that deadline was never met.

There have been a few tiny tidbits for the truly devoted, though. Late last month Nomura tweeted some teaser artwork and even offered lore hints during Kingdom Hearts orchestral concerts. That being said, these brief mentions hardly constitute an actual reveal.

While unconfirmed, we’d imagine the next big showcase for Kingdom Hearts III will be during E3 2017 in June. Despite not being scheduled yet, Square Enix routinely hosts a press conference at the show. Last year Nomura chose to emphasize Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and the third main installment is next in his pipeline.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

When do you think Kingdom Hearts III news will arrive? Is Nomura truly unsure? Tell us in the comments section!