The employees of Kingfisher Airlines, who are at their wits end regarding the future of their job, are agitated over the unperturbed attitude of the airline’s owner and have planned to stage protests. Vijay Mallya, who has branded himself as the “King of Good Times,” has shown no interest or empathy towards his employees who have not been paid their salaries since March.

Even when his airline is going through its bad times, Vijay Mallya is reportedly abroad attending the Formula One franchise events. His son Siddharth (Mallya termed Kingfisher Airlines’ launch in 2005 as his gift to the son when the latter turned 18) is globetrotting to finalize the models for the Kingfisher calendar of “bikini beauties.”

The employees think that Vijay Mallya will participate at the Formula One Grand Prix event scheduled to be held in Delhi between Oct 26 and 28 as the Sahara Force India Formula One Team, which he co-owns with Sahara group, is participating in it. The employees have decided to take on the “King of Good Times” at the event as he is not otherwise available to them.

"We have planned to stage a dharna (protest) when Mr Vijay Mallya comes at the Grand Prix,” said a disgruntled engineer of the airline. “A protest at the sporting event will highlight our plight to the entire world,” the Hindustan Times reported.

“All of us are in deep financial crisis, but the father-son duo (Mallya and his son Siddharth) is unperturbed. They are, in fact, mocking at our misery with their lifestyle," they added.

A day before the Kingfisher license was cancelled, Mallya junior tweeted his experience in the pubs in the UK and about playing the beach volley ball with 12 bikini-clad models, much to the employees’ ire.

On Oct 19, he tweeted: “Guys check out the 1st promo for The Hunt For The Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013 featuring your truly.”

His tweet on Oct 18 read: “Nothing beats the post 5oclock pub rush in atmosphere ever!! Love being bk here....sometimes wonder why i ever left....”

On Oct 14, he tweeted: “Have been fortunate enough to attend GP races all over the globe....Korea is by far the worse. Feeling for everyone who's there....”

On Sept 28, he tweeted: “Just spent the morning playing volleyball with 12 bikini clad models on the I understand why people hate me. HA!”.

Several Twitter users criticized the “detached’ behavior of the junior Mallya. Here are some of the hilarious and angry tweets in response to Mallya junior’s tweets.

Sue Saha tweeted: “Sid Mallya, your father is no longer the king of good times. Stop insulting your employees by talking abt cakes when they can't afford bread.”

Shadymumbai: “Dear Sid Mallya ...condolences ...Heard ur pocket money Just got Reduced?”

uchit shah :”@sidharthamallya This year u have to focus more on lenders & less on calendars….”

Aditya Datar:”@sidharthamallya arent you ashamed that KFA is in the doldrums and you are partying in London?”

Anujadeora:”@sidharthamallya you should be out of your mind to post that crapp!!”

Naughty Chacha : “@mediacrooks can you please guide me. I want to nominate Sid Mallya for Noble Prize in Stupidity!”

Anupb: “Apparently Sid Mallya thinks he makes more money by selling bikini calendars than aviation business? “