Kodak Black may have found himself in a bad situation, but the “Tunnel Vision” rapper is using his good fortunes to help others.

For the first time since Feb. 28, when the 19-year-old was arrested, Kodak’s Twitter account has gone active. While the rapper is still in jail, whoever runs his page took time to give fans an update and revealed a generous deed done by the artist.

“The Devil played me but God saved me,” read the first tweet. Another post revealed that while still locked up in jail, Kodak posted bail for two other inmates. “I just bonded out 2 people from [Pompano, Florida] while I Im (sic) here… I’m just trying to send some good energy out there in the universe.” The final tweet left the page’s followers with a positive message that read, “In prosperity our friends know us. But in adversity we know our friends.”

Arrested on Feb. 28, Kodak Black, whose real name is Dieuson Octave, was caught on video at a Miami strip club on Feb. 1 and at a boxing match in Cincinnati, Ohio on a different date. This proved to be a violation of the rapper’s probation as he reportedly did not receive prior approval. 

Kodak’s lawyer said the artist was “saddened” by the recent arrest but says he was allowed to attend the boxing match. “We are vigorously defending this, and hopefully it’ll be resolved next week,” said lawyer Allan Stephen Zamren. 

The rapper’s other attorney, Gary Kollin, defended Kodak, saying, “He’s not just out there as an entertainer,” and said his most recent single, “Tunnel Vision,” shows that he has an “extreme social consciousness with regard to improving race relations.”

On March 1, a statement from Kodak Black’s record label said his lawyers were hoping to get him out of jail by this week. The statement also revealed the remaining dates on the rapper’s tour had been either postponed or canceled.