Kris and Bruce Jenner are officially separated, but have put on an amicable front, are not dating other people and Kris even referred to her estranged husband as her “best friend.” So what’s the deal? Kris is pretty flashy when it comes to liking the finer things in life and this could all be a ploy to make sure the reality stars work out an agreeable financial agreement in the event of a future divorce.

Attorney Steven Eisman, executive partner and director of the matrimonial law department at Abrams Fensterman in New York, exclusively told the International Business Times it’s rare for separated couples not to get divorced. He added that the Jenners could be trying to figure out how they will work out their finances before they head toward a divorce.

They could be “trying to work on an amicable agreement,” Eisman said, but said it was just a speculation. “Nobody knows what’s going on there.”

It’s been widely reported that Kris and Bruce do not have a prenuptial agreement, and it’s commonly believed most of the current income in the relationship is coming from Kris and her Kardashian empire, not from the Olympian.

“Everything is community property,” Eisman said about the Jenner finances. If the couple were to get a divorce, half of the money Kris acquired from being a Kardashian manager while she was married to Bruce would go straight to the ex-athlete, Eisman said.

The news the couple was going to split broke on Tuesday night and on Wednesday TMZ reported that Kris had said they were “happier living apart.” When she was asked if they would get back together, Kris said, “Who knows? We don’t have a crystal ball.” But with an answer like that, one could only imagine that she’s begging the masses to tune into another season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” to see how her relationship with Bruce turns out.