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Kris Jenner with husband Bruce and his two sons -- Brody and Brandon Instagram/krisjenner

As rumors continue to swirl around what could have possibly caused Kris and Bruce Jenner to split, the Kardashian matriarch revealed that the two are much happier now that they are living separately.

In an interview with People, Kris explained: "I don't think it was the pace of life. We've always gone 150 miles per hour, and Bruce has more energy than anybody. I just think it has evolved. I really can't put my finger on it. We're just happier now."

The 57-year-old added that she is relieved and happy that the news of their breakup is finally out, and said that there is no animosity between the couple, who were married for 22 years. To prove her point, Kris even uploaded a photograph of her hanging out with her husband and his two sons from his marriage to Linda Thompson.

“Another amazing night @brodyjenner @sprandoni and Bruceeeeee!!! Too fun I love you guys!!! Best hearts #sorryTMZgotitwrongAGAINLOL,” Jenner captioned the picture, and hit out at TMZ, which ran a report on Thursday saying Bruce’s sons were thrilled by the split.

However, it is not clear when the photograph was taken. And, a source connected to the Kardashian family told TMZ that both Brody and Brandon Jenner hold Kris responsible for their father not being present while they were growing up.

“I think Bruce is an incredible human being and I think that Bruce is a great father, he just wasn't a great father to me,” Brody once said during an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” And, now that Kris is out of the picture, they believe they could have an adult relationship with their father.

Bruce is also said to have reconnected with his former wife after moving to Malibu.

“Bruce has been spending a lot of time with Linda and the boys in Malibu over the last few months,” a source told Radar Online. “Linda has lived in Malibu for decades and leads a very normal life, away from the spotlight — the opposite of the Kardashians and Jenners.”