Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have made it clear they’re planning to keep their children out of the public eye, but that didn’t stop the actress from sharing a candid snap of their daughter on Instagram Thursday.

“First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan,” Bell captioned the post, which showed her gesturing to Shepard, 41, swimming with one of their children in the water. “A right of passage for any Mitten baby,” Bell continued. The previous day, Bell, 36, shared a snap of her and Shepard enjoying their home state getaway. Daughters Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 1, were not included in the shot.   


Shepard also recently shared a vacation photo of his own. “6 weeks ago I tweeted my deep desire to be driving a pontoon boat on a lake in Michigan. I guess my feed is my vision board,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of his enjoying his lakeside view. “I don't remember poopy diapers in the fantasy, but alas, there one is, and here we be. Heaven.”

Bell’s snap comes after the couple spearheaded the No Kids Policy. The actors were leaders in the 2014 movement, which aimed to educate the public and major publications against purchasing and consuming non-consensual paparazzi photos or footage taken of celebrity children. Of course, Bell’s photo was clearly published with her consent as it was posted on her account. The image also does not show their daughter’s face, therefore maintaining her privacy.

“We do not want our daughters face anywhere until she decides,” Bell explained on “Access Hollywood” in 2014 of then 11-month-old Lincoln. “I have the upmost respect for her.”

While the No Kids Policy resulted in several major publications agreeing to follow through with their and others celebrities wishes regarding children’s privacy, Bell revealed last spring that more work still needs to be done.

“I think the consumer is now more aware of where the pictures come from,” Bell told ET Online in May 2015. “I really think it’s still going to be up to the people consuming the media to decide whether or not they want to exploit these kids for their amusement.”