Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg indulged in a mock question-answer session and highlighted the sexist and scurrilous side of the information-hungry press.

The “American Ultra” co-stars got together on “Funny or Die” and asked each other questions, parodying a typical press junket interview. Stewart asked her co-star the sort of personal, intrusive questions that the tabloids often ask actresses, while Eisenberg asked her the casual, less intrusive questions that he normally gets to answer.  

The interview begins with Eisenberg asking Stewart on how she “bulked up for this role” and what is her favorite sports team. But the real fun begins when she starts asking Eisenberg questions that were meant for her. Her aim was to make Eisenberg realize the kind of sexist, meaningless questions that actresses often tackle during press junket interviews.

“Are you seeing anyone? Are you pregnant? Do you have a favorite b—b?” Stewart bombards Eisenberg with these questions. The actor looks embarrassed and lost for words. “I think they switched our cards, he tells Stewart. “I do get these questions a lot,” she tells him.

The “Twilight” actress also asks Eisenberg if he ever got cosmetic treatment done on his face, and if the wardrobe malfunction he suffered was intentional.

“I’m not uncomfortable doing interviews,” Eisenberg, who is clearly exasperated in the video, tells Stewart, adding that she is asking a lot of questions that are not related to the movie. The actor concludes the interview saying, “Now I know what it’s like to be a woman.”

“American Ultra” hits theaters on Aug. 21.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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