• Kylie Jenner denied the screenshot showing that she called herself "brown skinned girl" on Instagram
  • The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star called it fake and showed the original post in an Instagram Story
  • Michael Costello called out Jenner for not giving designers enough credit

Kylie Jenner denied the claim that she called herself "brown skinned girl" on Instagram after a screenshot of her alleged post circulated online.

On Monday, Jenner addressed the issue about her allegedly calling herself "brown skinned girl" in a caption and then changing it to "brown eyed girl" after receiving backlash online. She insisted that she never called herself "brown skinned girl" and said the screenshot showing the controversial caption was fake.

"Here's the fake version that everyone believed," Jenner wrote in an Instagram Story.

"Saw online someone photoshopped this photo and posted to change my caption from 'brown eyed girl' to 'brown skinned girl'. I never said this."

In another post, Jenner explained that the original caption of her photo was a white heart and sparkle emoji. However, she edited it and added the words "brown eyed girl" after a few minutes and that was the only change she made in the caption.

Jenner also shared a comment from one of her fans who saw her post after she changed its caption.

"I saw the photo as soon as it was posted and it said 'brown eyed' why do people need to make drama out of everything and invent lies,” the comment that Jenner shared read.

The fake screenshot received several reactions from Twitter users.

"Not kylie jenner calling herself brown skinned girl," one wrote with a broken heart emoji.

"I can’t believe @KylieJenner had the damn nerve to call herself a ‘brown skin girl’...somebody take this b---h phone away from her," another added.

Meanwhile, many of her followers on Instagram urged Jenner to just delete the controversial photo to end the drama.

"Girl at this point I would just delete the post," one wrote.

"Just take the whole picture down at this point," a different user opined.

Also, many still supported Jenner by praising her picture.

Several left heart and fire emoji in the comments section.

"LIKE if you think she’s the Hottest girl on Instagram," thetrillionairelife commented.

"So pretty," Dolly Castro wrote.

In related news, Jenner was slammed by fashion designer Michael Costello for not giving enough credit to designers unless she is paid. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star doesn't tag the brands of her outfits in her Instagram posts when she is not their ambassador.

Many fans understood that doing so would be promoting the brand without Jenner getting paid, so they still support the reality star.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Feb. 9, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images