Once again, reality TV star Kylie Jenner has used her Instagram account to raise awareness for an anti-bullying campaign that she supports. Using the hashtag #IAmMoreThan, ordinary individuals are able to share stories of abuse, recovery and empowerment to millions of people around the world. This time around, Kylie shared the story of Matteo Bologna, an Australian man who has survived multiple counts of rape and physical abuse.


#repost "@matteo_bologna #IAmMoreThan a victim of rape. I'm a survivor. This is my story. With domestic violence being such a big issue in Australia at the moment. I thought I would share my story in hope that it will inspire at least one person to get help. I was with my ex partner for just over a year, things were great..at the start. Until he got addicted and started to rely heavily on the drug crystal meth. That's when things started to get abusive and extremely violent and I started to lie to my friends that I wasn't seeing him, because they knew how abusive he was. I had to cover marks and bruises with make up. I refused to believe that he was an unstable person, and believed that I could change him, but I couldn't. One day we went out to a club and he drugged me, I woke up tied to a bed and was gang raped by him and 7 other people. He made me believe that I deserved the abuse and I would take it. Towards the end of the relationship he called me telling me to go to his house because there was some type of emergency. I went and found him having sexual intercourse with another male. That should have been the end of it right? Though a couple weeks later he texted me saying to meet me at his house because he wanted to apologise for everything that he did..stupidly I went, as soon as I arrived he grabbed the back of my head and smashed it into a brick wall, whilst choking me he forced himself on me. I didn't tell my parents about the abuse until about a year later, and told my friends that I managed to get him off me because that's what I wanted to believe. Though no one should be ashamed of domestic violence and rape. It's never your fault and you should always speak up and help is out there. If you have experienced and are going through something similar, please don't hesitate to seek help. If you would like support and someone to talk to don't hesitate to call BeyondBlue support service on 1300 22 46 36. If you are in an emergency call 000 straight away and ask for police. Never think your alone and help isn't available. Your not a victim your a survivor. #IamMoreThan depression, anxiety, PTSD. @beyondblueofficial"

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#IAmMoreThan a victim of rape. I'm a survivor,” says Matteo. In the lengthy caption to his photo that was reposted by Kylie, he recounts his experience being in a relationship with a drug addict. He was repeatedly raped and physically abused, before he finally had the courage to tell his friends and family about what was happening to him.

“Things were great..at the start, until he got addicted and started to rely heavily on the drug crystal meth,” he said. He spoke about being drugged by his partner, and subsequently tied down and gang raped by eight different men. Apart from the sexual abuse, he was also physically hurt.

Because it took him so long to seek help, he is sharing his story to encourage others to speak up. “Though no one should be ashamed of domestic violence and rape. It's never your fault and you should always speak up and help is out there,” he said.

Matteo is an Australian teenager, whose story is now being heard by millions of people around the world, thanks to Kylie Jenner’s help. Kylie has been actively advocating anti-bullying movements, and has been vocal about her own experiences. Growing up in the public eye, she and the rest of her family have been constantly bashed by haters and online bullies for years.

Earlier this year, she admitted having insecurities about her physical appearance. She also shared her reluctance in admitting that she has been having artificial lip fillers, due to the constant criticism she receives from the public.