Now that their affair is no longer torrid, the relationship between “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner and “Stimulated” rapper Tyga has begun to fizzle. They have been “virtually inseparable” since the teen became a legal adult Aug. 10, but apparently it has caused fights between the lovebirds, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Monday.

"Unfortunately, if things keep going the way that they are between Kylie and Tyga, they will be done in no time." an insider told Radar Online Monday. "Kylie and Tyga have been bickering nonstop lately. It is to the point where it is almost annoying to be around them because they create such an awkward situation."

Another thing that’s causing tension between the couple is Jenner’s career. The rapper thinks she is “overexposing” herself, and “he does not approve,” an insider said. "He just wants her to slow down and enjoy her life without working all day, every single day.”

Even though it seems like Tyga, 25, has Jenner’s best interests at heart, the teenager isn’t interested in his concern. “…Kylie does not want Tyga's advice anymore when it comes to her career and tells him to worry about his own career and stop trying to meddle in hers,” the source told Radar.

The only problem is their careers have started to intertwine. Tyga rapped about dating Jenner in “Glitta” and made cringe-worthy references about having sexual relations with the “KUWTK” star when she was underage in “Stimulated.”

She also appeared in the video for “Stimulated” and was blown away by the track when she heard it. The reality star thinks her boyfriend is a “musical genius."

“She’s so proud to call him her boyfriend, and nothing could ever change that,” an insider told Hollywood Life last month. “She heard ‘Stimulated’ way before he dropped it and thought it was great.”

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