Kylie Jenner and Tyga Update
Tyga (R) reportedly gave a tour of Kylie Jenner's (C) house to his former lady-love Blac Chyna and was scared he may get caught doing so. In this photo, Jenner and Tyga are seen attending the Equinox 'Celebrity Basketball Spectacular' To Benefit Sports Spectacular on May 30, 2015 in West Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Equinox/Mike Windle

Tyga was worried that he could get caught red-handed while showing Kylie Jenner’s house to his former ladylove Blac Chyna, with whom he has a son named King Cairo, according to reports late Tuesday. The rapper reportedly sneaked Blac Chyna into the house when his girlfriend was not at home.

“Blac was there for about an hour. Tyga was sweating like Chris Brown at a sentencing hearing the entire time because the last thing he wanted was for Kylie to walk in and see Blac in her house,” an insider told Hollywood Life, adding: “It was a super low-key operation.

“When Blac arrived she pulled her car into the garage and she came into the house from the garage. But what was Tyga to do? He really had no choice in this matter and Blac would have continued to bother him about this forever and ever,” the source added.

Chyna wanted to see the room her son would stay in, and after inspecting the house, felt that the room was kid-friendly, Hollywood Life reported earlier Tuesday, citing a source. However, she “almost threw up at” the 17-year-old Jenner’s taste, the report added.

"He knew Kylie would be preoccupied with doing things for the ESPYs and he saw that as an opportunity and allowed Blac to come inside when Kylie wasn’t home," the insider reportedly said. "Blac had a field day inside the house. She walked through every single room critiquing the place, mostly saying s--- like 'that’s ugly' and 'this girl has no taste.'"

Chyna, 27, and Jenner have been having a war of words on social media ever since the teenager and Tyga started dating. Meanwhile, Tyga has been facing rumors that he cheated on Jenner with transgender model Mia Isabella, after pictures of his private parts, which he allegedly sent in a message, were revealed.