‘The L Word’
Will the cast of “The L Word” star return for a possible revival on Showtime? Showtime

The cast of the lesbian hit drama, “The L Word,” recently reunited for a photo shoot and interview organized by Entertainment Weekly.

According to the publication, Showtime’s series aired from 2004 to 2009 on the network. It centered on a slew of successful lesbian friends in Los Angeles and became the first show in the United States to feature a transgender character, who was named Max (Daniela Sea).

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Since “The L Word’s” cancellation, no other series on U.S. television has centered solely on lesbians. Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” features some lesbian characters and storylines, but the original series isn’t exactly just about them. With so many series from several years ago getting a reboot, the cast and co-creator of “The L Word,” Ilene Chaiken, was asked if a revival will also be possible for their now-debunked show.

“There’s certainly a chance. We talk about it all the time. When we went off air in 2009, I think a lot of people thought, ‘Okay, the baton is passed now, and there will be lots of shows that portray lesbian life.’ There’s really nothing. It feels like maybe it should come back,” Chaiken said.

Mia Krishner, the actress who gave life to the character Jenny, added that there is another generation that’s starting to watch the show, so it’s important to revive it and make it timelier. “There’s such a hole in terms of the landscape of what’s on television and what we’re capable of doing. There’s so many other stories to tell that it’s crazy this show doesn’t exist,” she said.

Cast member Leisha Hailey, who played the role of Alice, said that shows about community and acceptance are needed right now. After all, the current political landscape of the country is in such a mess. Krishner seconded her thoughts and added that showcasing the power of friendship is also an important topic that needs to be shown on television more.

Katherine Moennig, who gave life to the character of Shane, implied that it would be nice to know where all of their characters ended up in the revival. For fans of “The L Word,” the obvious answer is a resounding “yes.”

On top of their interview, the cast of “The L Word” also had a photo shoot. In their snap, the cast members are all wearing black and white ensembles.