• A Sanders appointment could soothe progressives disappointed in Biden's moderate approach
  • Sanders says right now, he's just focused on getting Biden elected
  • Appointing Sanders to any administration post could be determined by whether Democrats gain control of the Senate and by how much

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who twice sought the Democratic presidential nomination only to lose to more moderate candidates, may be angling for a spot in a Biden Cabinet should Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden defeat President Donald Trump: labor secretary.

Politico reported though the Vermont independent would not confirm his interest Thursday, people close to the senator say he’s trying to figure out how to land a role in a Biden administration.

However, the effort could depend on whether Democrats win control of the Senate and by how much, since Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott would appoint a temporary successor to Sanders’ seat.

Sanders’ personality also could be a factor. He’s known as a stubborn loner who can be difficult to work with.

Sanders, 79, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, has been a strong voice for workers, championing such issues as a living wage and universal healthcare. He also has long fought to make unionizing easier and won backing from major labor organizations.

Right now, he told Politico, “I am focused on seeing that Biden is elected president. That’s what my main focus is.”

Former Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir said Sanders has yet to broach the subject with Biden but plans to push for “progressive voices” if the former vice president captures the White House in the Nov. 3 election.

Two people close to Sanders, including a former aide, told Politico Sanders has been reaching out to Biden’s transition team, but a spokesman for the team said no personnel decisions are being made before the election.

Sanders threw his support to Biden after ending his bid for the nomination in April, pushing for unity among the party’s wings and influencing policy decisions.

“We’ve had a good working relationship with the Biden team, and I expect we’ll maintain that all the way through,” Shakir said.

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich said Sanders would be a “terrific” choice for the top job at the Labor Department and could assuage progressive angst over Biden’s more moderate approach.

Biden has made workers and rebuilding the COVID-ravaged economy a hallmark of his campaign, and Sanders believes Biden “wants to be a Roosevelt-like president,” a person close to Sanders told Politico.

Politico said other names on Biden’s short list for Labor include AFL-CIO chief economist Bill Spriggs, Harvard University Labor and Worklife Program Executive Director Sharon Block and Rep. Andy Levin, D-Mich., a former union organizer.