A Labrador retriever was sworn in at Cook County State's Attorney's Office as the newest employee. The 2-year-old dog, named Hatty, will work 9-to-5 hours to provide emotional support to children and victims of sexual assault and violence.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx presided over the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday at the George N. Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Little Village, Chicago. Hatty's primary handler and victim witness specialist Stephanie Coehlo held up the labrador's right paw over a law book during the ceremony.

Hatty will handle 150-200 cases annually, Cook County said.

Hatty is the first emotional-support dog at the state’s attorney’s office. She was trained partly by inmates through a dog training organization called Duo, based in St. Louis, Missouri. She spent 45 days training for her new job.

"Victims are the center of our work, and I know personally that retelling a painful story of abuse can cause trauma all over again," Foxx said, according to Fox News. "We’re excited to welcome Hatty to our team where she will provide comfort and peace to victims during one of the most difficult times in their lives."

"A trauma-informed and victim-centered model is one of the many ways our office works to better serve victims and witnesses," Fox wrote on Twitter.

The State's Attorney's Office also shared the news on Twitter. "The goal is to help sexual assault victims cope with the worst moments of their lives," the caption read.

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Police Dog
A Labrador Retriever, the number 1 most popular breed of 2016,is shown at The American Kennel Club Reveals The Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2016 at AKC Canine Retreat on March 21, 2017, in New York City. Getty Images/ Jamie McCarthy