Lacey Chabert dishes on "Mean Girls" in her interview with Maxim. Maxim

It’s been almost 10 years since “Mean Girls” hit the silver screen, but alum Lacey Chabert doesn’t seem to have aged a day. The 31-year-old actress flaunts her curves and toned abs on the cover of the November issue of Maxim, but outside of the magazine’s glossy pages she insists that fans will not discover her “doing anything scandalous anytime soon.”

Although Chabert, who shot to fame as a child actor on the popular '90s series “Party of Five,” doesn’t mention her “Mean Girls” co-star Lindsay Lohan by name in any of the interview excerpts, she does commiserate about some of the common hazards of show business for child actors, saying that she lucked out by having a family that shielded her from some of the spotlight.

"Look, life is tough, and growing up in this business is especially tough," Chabert said. "I really can't take any credit other than saying I grew up in a really protective family.”

While Chabert evidently won’t accept credit for avoiding some of the scandalous tabloid headlines her peers have been subjected to, she admits that by nature that she’s not especially scandal-prone, although she confessed a weakness for gambling.

“I'm a nice girl next door, but I love a good weekend in Vegas," she told the magazine. "Blackjack, roulette, four-card poker, slots...all of it."

"Also, I want a long-lasting career, so you're not gonna find me doing anything scandalous anytime soon,” she said. As for how true to life her “Mean Girls” character Gretchen Weiner was, Chabert declares, “I’m not a mean girl.” “Life is too short,” she explains. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still enjoy the residual popularity of the teen comedy.

"People tweet me all the time, 'Are you still trying to make fetch happen?'" she said. "I never thought people would still be quoting Mean Girls’ 10 years later."

According to IMDB, Chabert has had a busy schedule, with four films currently in post-production, including the drama “Telling of the Shoes,” a horror movie titled “The Lost Tree,” and the drama “The Color of Rain.”