Lady Gaga has been making headlines this week after a recent concert in Amsterdam, where she appeared to have gained weight, with a visibly fuller face and figure. 

Recently, Gaga told the Sun newspaper that she has cut down on drinking, so what could be the reason for the additional weight?

Apparently, Gaga loves her Italian food. 

“I love eating pasta and pizza,” Gaga told radio host Elvin Duran in a recent interview. “I’m a New York Italian girl. That’s why I have been staying out of New York. My father [Joe Germanotta] opened a restaurant. It's so amazing …it’s so freaking delicious, but I’m telling you I gain five pounds every time I go in there. So my dad wants me to eat at the restaurant, and I’m, like, I’ve got to go where I can drink green juice.”

Photos from Lady Gaga’s concert in Amsterdam shocked fans, as Gaga looked a lot heavier than she has at previous performances and public appearances. But the “Born This Way” singer does not seems too unhappy about her increased appetite.“I’m dieting right now, because I gained, like, 25 pounds,” Gaga told Duran.

“And you know I really don’t feel bad about it, not even for a second. I have to be on such a strict diet constantly. It’s hard because it’s a quite vigorous show, so I tend to bulk up, get muscular, and I really don’t like that. So I’m trying to find a new balance.”

After seeing picutres of Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne had stirred up rumors about the usually slender singer, telling Alan Carr on his British Channel 4 chat show that she thinks Gaga is pregnant, according to the Daily Mail.

“I think she is pregnant because she has been covering up this part of her body recently, and I have been noticing that a lot. ... And her style has changed and you can’t bleach your hair blonde when you are pregnant,” Osbourne said.