• Lady Gaga said "Fun Tonight" is the saddest song on her "Chromatica" album because she was singing it to herself
  • Twitter users speculated that "Fun Tonight" was about Gaga's ex Christian Carino
  • Gaga clarified that "Fun Tonight" was about her mental health struggles while navigating her career

Lady Gaga recently got candid about her song "Fun Tonight" from her album "Chromatica." The "Poker Face" singer said it’s the saddest single for her because she was singing it to herself.

"I think it’s one of the saddest songs on the album," Gaga shared in an interview with American Songwriter. "I think it might be the saddest song on the record. Because I’m really singing to myself."

The "Star is Born" actress shared that there were times when she couldn't get herself to enjoy the moment and be happy for others. Lady Gaga said she wrote the song and listened to it and realized that she was singing it to herself.

"I was kind of incapable at certain moments of being happy for other people when they were having fun. And I would sit with myself and think, 'I don’t care how many people I see dancing or smiling right now. I cannot have fun,'" she added.

"Then after I wrote the record, I listened back to it and I said, 'I’m singing to myself.'"

Gaga went through the lyrics and mentioned how she would stare at the girl in the mirror, referring to herself. She admitted that everything mentioned in the song was her. When she mentioned eyes and face, it was hers. She added that she was sick of acting like she was having “fun tonight” and that’s what the lyrics say, “I’m not having fun tonight.”

"'You don’t think you pull your weight.' I mean, that’s just the truth. I was very hard on myself. I hope that when people listen to that song and they relate to it that they know shaming yourself for feeling down is not helpful. It happens but it’s not helpful," Gaga added.

When Gaga released the song back in March, Twitter users speculated that it was about her ex Christian Carino. But Gaga set the record straight and told Beat 1 host Zane Lowe that it was about her mental health struggles while navigating her career.

"In the middle of the record, 'Fun Tonight,' which is a song that means a lot to me, and every time I listened to it, I get choked up because I can't tell you how many nights that people that really love me were trying to get me to smile or laugh or be optimistic, and I just had no ability to be happy. It just wasn't there," Lady Gaga was quoted by Harper's Bazaar, as saying.

Lady Gaga
U.S. superstar Lady Gaga is pictured in February 2019. AFP/Robyn Beck