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Lady Gaga performed 'Born This Way' to Australian fans at Sydney Town Hall in the first and last ever Monster Hall performance on July 11.

Rolling out on the stage in a wheelchair and donning a hood, the 800 Little Monsters in the crowd screamed as she broke singing You and I.

Gaga was wearing custom costumes by Versace specifically made for this performance. The one-hour show, which classic hits like poker Face and Just Dance were sung, also had a specially-built stage.

Lady Gaga, in a statement, said, I am really excited. I've had all sorts of beautiful clothing made. I built a stage just for this one performance. This is an absolute one-off.

Gaga also made an unplanned visit to Nevermind and Arq nightclubs on Monday night, performing three songs for a surprised club.

Her performance had mixed resulting reactions, both bad and good. According to the Huffington Post, Gaga had eggs thrown at her by angry fans who felt her wheelchair stunt was offensive after her performance at Arq. The popstar herself, who once popped out of an egg during a performance at The Grammys back in February, was not hit by any of the eggs.

However, some attendees of the show in Australia displayed Gaga antics, dressing the part in typical eccentric Gaga ensembles. 16-year-old fan Erica Owens said, in a statement to The Telegraph, that she painted insults on her body she heard growing up. Thanks to Gaga, I can say I was born this way, she said.

Other fans were excited to hear Lady Gaga recognize their country as the place where she first gained her fame. I broke here in Australia before anywhere else so let's celebrate, she said. I promise, I promise I won't ever be away so long again.

Her fan base extended to politicians in Australia like Sydney may Clover Moor, who made her an honorary citizen thanks to her endless campaigning for gay rights according to the singer's Twitter.

The show, costing over $1 million, will be broadcast on many Australian television networks and global Internet streams like The Telegraph. One track was also recorded at the show.

Lady Gaga, formerly Stefani Germanotta, has sold more than 5 million copies of her latest album Born This Way, named after her hit single.