Pop Queen Lady Gaga has replaced Oprah Winfrey as the most powerful celebrity of 2011 in Forbes annual Celebrity 100 list that ranks the most powerful people in entertainment business.

The list, which was released on Tuesday, takes into account entertainment-related income, media visibility, and social media popularity. Forbes breaks the ranks down into five categories: money, TV/radio, press, web, and social.

Oprah Winfrey, who's given up the number one place for only the third time in seven years, had to give way to Lady Gaga for the number one spot on this year's list. Gaga trumped Winfrey mainly on the back of her social media mastery. Gaga ranks first in social and web, second in press, third in TV/radio and eighth in money, while Winfrey tops in money and TV/radio.

Click on the slideshow to check out 2011's 10 most powerful celebrities in the world released by Forbes magazine: