Who Is The Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv Dive Watch For?

  • The Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv dive watch is ideal for those who want a dive watch that can be worn every day
  • The Aktiv watch is much more slim than most dive watches
  • The Aktiv watch is very straightforward, with virtually no additional features or add-ons
The Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv watch is light on features, but big on style

Dive watches are a dying breed, thanks to the rise of the dive computer. Additionally, the dive-inspired watches available today are often bulky and jam-packed with complicated features. The watch makers over at Larsen & Eriksen saw an opportunity to make a more fashion-forward dive watch and have taken that opportunity with the Aktiv. The Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the next few days, but has already surpassed its goal to enter into production.

Classy Looks

The moment I saw the line of Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv watches, I caught myself saying "now that's a sexy watch." The version I have is the black face on silver, which I find to be the most visually striking. Other options include a black face on black, a white face on silver and a white face on black.

A close up of the Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv

While the black face of the Aktiv watch can look completely smooth and featureless, looking closer does reveal the Larsen & Eriksen logo in the top center and 12 thin lines that mark the hours. However, even without the lines it is still fairly easy to tell what time it is thanks to the very prominent glow in the dark hour, minute and second hands. Even during the middle of the day these hands pop off the watch face, requiring only a quick glance to be able to tell the time.

The Larsen & Eriksen team also put as much detail into the remaining spaces on the Aktiv as possible. The crown has a funky little design on it, and the back of the watch has a neat design inspired by Copenhagen, the company's base of operations.

The back of the Aktiv has a cool design

Along with the metal watch band, the Aktiv came with a black rubber band and a brown leather band. All three of these bands are easy to put on and take off with a pinch of the metal prongs on the backside of the bands. Oddly, the two extra bands came in this very large leather holder that is way larger than the bands themselves. It's probably nice if you have multiple watches and want to care for them, but if you just have one it's a little overkill.

Virtually No Features

As far as features go, the Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv is as bare-bones as they come. There aren't any smart features, recharge speeds or alarms to look out for. The one very minor feature that is available is a rotating ring that sits around the watch face. This ring has a highlighted starting point and minute marks etched into it which can be used as a basic timer function.

The watch hands shine very brightly when in the dark

If you want to think about it as a feature, the Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv is also water resistant up to a depth of 660 feet. That means it is possible to use the Aktiv as a dive watch if so inclined. However, this water resistance is really more to allow wearers to keep the Aktiv on in a shower or when swimming.

That's about it. The Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv runs on batteries so there aren't any winding or charging mechanisms to take a look at. I will say that the crown is unique compared to the watches I have used in the past given that it needs to be unscrewed first before it can be popped out to adjust the time. With the watches I've had previously, the crown just needed to be popped out without having to be unscrewed. This does help the Aktiv from having the displayed time altered, but it would have been nice to know before destroying a fingernail trying to pry open the crown without unscrewing it first.

The Aktiv crown needs to be unscrewed before it can be used to adjust the time

Final Thoughts

The truth is, I'm no fashion expert. I can't tell the difference between semi-formal, formal, black tie or any of those things. Heck, I can barely throw together an outfit that doesn't clash. That said, I do find the Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv to be a very attractive watch. Its minimalist design is stunning, especially in a world of electric and smart watches. Sure, it doesn't do anything except tell the time, but speaking as someone who has used a smart watch regularly in the past, telling time is enough for a watch.

The Larsen & Eriksen Aktiv is currently available for pre-order via Kickstarter right now. Act quickly if interested in the Aktiv, as its price will shoot up once the Kickstarter campaign has come to an end.