• Aelfric will be back in "The Last Kingdom" Season 4
  • Uhtred will be a threat for Aelfric's rule
  • The show will premiere sometime later this year

“The Last Kingdom” Season 4 will take the fans back to Bebbanburg, to the lands that once belonged to Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon). The hero’s uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson) will return, and in a recent interview, Millson talked about his return and how his character sees Uhtread as a threat.

Aelfric was last seen in the second season of the popular TV series as the lord of Bebbanburg. In a recent interview with Winter Is Coming, Millson said that he is “thrilled” to be back as Uhtred’s uncle.

When asked why his character Aelfric hates Uhtred so much, the actor jokingly said that the hero is “too good looking.” No a more serious note, he said that most bullies “harbour fear.” He explained that his character may not be a “natural leader,” and he sees his nephew as a threat.

Aelfric grew up in his brother’s shadow and is “naturally disposed to dark thoughts,” according to Millson. While Uhtred was out fighting wars to build England, his uncle has been fixated on him. Uhtred has become Aelfric’s “purpose” and a “favourite ulcer to lick.”

There will be a lot of action to look forward to in “The Last Kingdom” Season 4. The producers have been teasing behind-the-scenes pictures of the show and the more recent picture that has been shared on Twitter shows a group of soldiers dressed in red cloaks fighting a battle with their shields, swords, and bows. Commenting on the post, Millson said that the show will be worth the wait.

One of the distinctive features of the show is the important role female characters play in the story. The official Instagram page of the show emphasised the role of the female characters on International Women’s Day last week.

“The Last Kingdom” Season 4 is expected to be released sometime later this year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.