We use the internet for almost everything. We connect with our loved ones, shop, pay our bills, watch our favorite shows and even work through the internet. As such, we use different platforms for our many online activities. You could be tempted to use the same password for all your accounts but just how safe is it? According to a survey by Security Magazine, 53% of respondents admitted to using the same password for multiple accounts. This might be convenient but once your security has been breached on one website, your other accounts are at an increased risk of being hacked. 

It’s time to increase your online security by using different passwords. However, it’s also difficult to remember all. Luckily, there’s a solution for that -- password managers. These will help you remember all the passwords you created. Some can even create unique and stronger passwords for better security.


LastPass Your password manager Photo: lastpass.com

One of the best password manager apps now is LastPass. It’s more than just the usual password manager, it makes your digital life much more convenient in multiple ways. The key to maintaining a strong wall against hackers begins with a strong password, one that isn’t easy to guess. However, it won’t be easy to remember either. This is LastPass' primary role. It can create, store and automatically fill in credentials for you. The first time you enter your credentials for a certain website will also be your last as LastPass safely stores it for future use. 

You only need one master password. You can also take advantage of its technology by using biometrics with LastPass’ fingerprint support. This makes logging in to your accounts a breeze especially if you find yourself needing to log in to 12 different sites daily. You can also use LastPass as a browser extension if you do most of your online activities on your desktop or download an app to use LastPass across different devices. 

With a password vault, you can effortlessly manage your passwords by adding or deleting remembered sites on either platform. This virtual vault not only safely stores your passwords, but also lets you edit, add notes, store private information or share login credentials. 

What kind of information can you store on LastPass? You can add payment information, making online shopping completely hassle-free. With Secure Digital Wallet, the next time you buy something online, your bank information will autofill and it can do this for multiple cards. You can also store other important information like social security numbers and driver’s license numbers. These are things you wouldn’t want to email or text to other people and LastPass can safely share this information with people you trust without any security threats. 

It’s packed with features that most password managers lack but here are its core features:

Password Generator

LastPass Customize your unique password Photo: lastpass.com

It is more than just your regular password generator. You can customize how easy to say, easy to read and easy to remember your new unique password should be. It saves you from going through the trouble of creating one several times for multiple sites. If you also have trouble creating usernames, LastPass can do it for you. 

Dark Web Monitoring

LastPass Dark Web Monitoring Photo: lastpass.com

Another unique feature of LastPass is Dark Web Monitoring. Your accounts will be safely monitored and alert you if there are any threats detected. You can then take appropriate action to protect your compromised accounts. 

Security Dashboard

LastPass Security Dashboard Photo: lastpass.com

The Security Dashboard gives you an overview of all your accounts. You can easily keep track of your security scores to help you assess the security of your accounts. It gives you an insight into the overall strength of your passwords and if two-factor authentication is activated for your account. 


LastPass Pricing Photo: lastpass.com

You can avail the FREE version of LastPass. However, this is restricted to only one device. If you want full protection, then better get one of its paid options.