Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old fashion model and blogger who lost her left hand and sustained damage to her face after walking into the propeller of a small plane, is showing improvements as she took her first 30 steps down the halls of a Dallas hospital on Wednesday.

Her family told ABC that she is walking with the help of a physical therapist. They said that halfway through her first walk after Saturday night's accident, Lauren Scruggs said the number 30. Scruggs parents and twin sister then asked her what she meant and the model replied Steps, an indication she was counting them along the journey.

The two paramedics, Peter Wasserman and Luke Dixon, who responded to treat Lauren Scruggs after the accident happened said they never saw injuries like Lauren Scruggs, never had much hope, but were praying for her recovery.

Lauren Scruggs, the editor-in-chief for online fashion magazine Lolo Magazine and part-time model, accidentally walked into the plane's propeller after returning from a flight to see the Christmas lights across the state.

I could hear her as soon as I got out of the ambulance, so I was thinking maybe not that bad. ... I mean, hey, she's awake, Wasserman told ABC. Then we got over there and saw the extent of her injuries. It was one of those things that kind of just takes your breath away.

We knew her airway was OK, she was talking to us, answering our questions, Dixon told the news station. So it went to immediately to controlling her bleeding. That was our number one priority in trying to stabilize her.

The model's father, Jeff Scruggs, said the family is praying his daughter regains her sight.

What she'd tell you is her relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in her life, Jeff Scruggs told ABC. Even though she cannot talk I know, she's relying on Jesus right now.

Doctors at Dallas' Parkland Hospital said that Lauren Scruggs is still at risk for infection and might still lose her left eye. They also said she will never look the same.

You can watch the paramedics' interview with ABC here or in the video below: