• The scuffle began after the man told his wife about his intention to remarry
  • He allegedly slapped her, beat her and even attempted to choke her
  • The court sentenced the duo to six months in jail followed by deportation

An altercation between an Asian husband and wife resulted in a Dubai court sentencing the couple to six months in jail followed by deportation. The family feud began after the husband told his wife about his intentions to remarry someone else.

The convicted 25-year-old woman said she was surprised to hear about her 24-year-old husband’s plans to marry another woman. Investigators found that the couple began arguing over the matter, and their dispute descended into a physical altercation, according to Gulf Today.

The husband is accused of slapping the woman in her face, beating her up and even attempting to choke her.

The man claimed that his wife was not willing to accept his decision and insulted him for it. He also said she firmly held the fingers of his right hand before pulling them back and pushing him, leaving him with fractures, according to Khaleej Times.

Medical reports showed that the woman sustained multiple bruises on her forehead, nose, neck and chest. The woman also required treatment that lasted for more than 20 days for a slight deformation of the nasal septum. During the scuffle, the man allegedly slapped his wife, causing a hearing impairment of an estimated 2 percent.

On the other hand, the husband sustained a fracture in the fourth and fifth metacarpals of the right hand, as per medical reports. A 3-cm-long wound on his forehead has also reportedly left him with a permanent disability that is estimated at 2 percent.

The Dubai court found the couple guilty over the charge of assaulting each other. They are expected to be deported after spending six months behind bars.

An unrelated incident reported last year saw a Pakistani woman end her life when her husband said he married another woman. Muhammad Ramzan lived in Dubai while Fauzia, his wife of six years and the mother of his three children, lived in the Pakistani city of Sialkot. Distressed over the matter, Fauzia sent her husband several alarming video messages saying she "didn’t want to share him with anyone.” It was only after Fauzia took her life that Ramzan claimed he was trying to prank her.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay