Finding the right customers who will support your product is crucial in increasing sales. To get someone to purchase your product, that person must express an interest in what you’re offering. This is why companies put so much effort and budget in generating leads for potential customers.

So what does lead generation mean? It is when a business attracts potential customers by finding ways to boost their interest in whatever product or service is being offered by the company. Generating leads requires marketing efforts to get prospects interested. These come in different forms like blog posts, coupons, social media, events, targeted ads, landing pages, product trials even job applications. 

Once you figure out lead generation in digital marketing, you’ll need the best lead generation tools and apps to help you out. The best lead generation software can help in various tasks including visitor tracking, form scraping, lead capturing and many more. Here are some of the best tools and software to help you with your lead generation strategies, which you can get at the best deals and lowest prices on AppSumo.

1. Lead Scrape

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For B2B lead generation, Lead Scrape is your go-to lead generation tool. It works for any business or industry category providing you with the business name, address, phone number, website, email address, contact persons, social media channels, SEO data and more. It will also help you search for leads based on the department or job title. Get a constant flow of new leads to find potential customers more efficiently with Lead Scrape. Once you have your leads, Lead Scrape converts the file into CSV format that can be easily imported to other software you are using. 

2. Reeon YellowPages Scraper

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Getting business leads from all around the world has never been easier. With Reeon YellowPages Scraper, you can scrape your keyword or niche for the country of your choice and extract thousands of leads with just one import. Get email addresses, phone numbers and more plus the ability to crawl websites for the latest data using town-level search technology in just a single click. Get data such as search location, search rank, profile name, category, profile URL, address, phone number, email address and so much more.

3. SocialNowa

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Now you can generate leads and boost sales with minimal effort and budget. SocialNowa automates your marketing tasks for you with its chatbot. The SocialNowa chatbot answers presale questions on private messages, comments and replies to lead potential customers into making a purchase. It is also wired for lead generation as it collects phone numbers, email addresses and more as well as sales through digital eCommerce and messenger eCommerce. 


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Catch leads and manage them to boost your sales with This powerful platform gives event speakers the ability to push content to their target audience using interactive QR codes. Find out on the spot who is interested in your presentation and which prospects should be pursued. Save time on long caller lists and rejection. Plus, the platform takes note of every attendee in its CRM and will also measure the effectiveness of the event or presentation with analytical data. 

5. Smart Lead App

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Offer your prospects something they won’t be able to resist -- a free gift in exchange for information. Smart Lead App offers valuable guides customized for your prospects. In return, the app gathers their info including their needs and provides your service or product as a solution. It also allows you to create a custom landing page and showcase your business to generate leads. A built-in CRM allows you to organize and manage your leads in one main platform, which is completely automated for your convenience. 

6. eMiner

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Get this Google Chrome extension that mines qualified leads for your business through advanced search techniques. Scrape names, email addresses, social media profiles and more with 89% accuracy and desirability. Launch campaigns targeted to the right prospects from your lead base while you sit back and let eMiner do the bulk of lead generation work. 

7. Ohmylead

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Perfect for digital agencies, give customers what they want through Ohmylead. It allows your customers to follow up with their own leads through an easy-to-use interface. Any lead data is automatically recorded and managed, with phone numbers and email addresses verified, any sales are alerted via email and welcome emails are sent to leads. Provide your customers with valuable insights on the campaign’s performance through reporting results directly on Ohmylead. Fix targeting issues and increase qualification rates immediately.