Hextech Chests are random, or say the say Riot Games

The odds for League Of Legends Hextech Loot Boxes have been released for the Chinese server. A new law comes into effect May 1, forcing game companies to reveal the odds and percentages behind opening loot boxes and other similar chance-based gambling in their games. Tencent, the company that owns League of Legends in China, has released this information slightly ahead of schedule, allowing us to dissect what exactly is inside a Hextech Chest.

While I am not a fluent Chinese speaker, other people on the internet claim to be. Here’s reddit user Neothermic’s translation:

Hero shards: 14.61%
Skin shards: 45.135%
Permanent Heros: 7%
Permanent Skin: 29.255%
Summoner Icons: 2%
Ward Skins: 2%

PCGamesN used an online translator program which said the last article on the list is called “Shou-Wei skin husband month,” so I’m going to go with reddit on this one. I’ve opened hundreds of Hextech Chests in my day ,and I can’t argue with any of these numbers. I rarely see Summoner Icons or Ward Skins and I’ve never gotten a Permanent Hero. Skin Shards are everywhere; if you do manage to acquire nine Hextech Keys to open three Hextech Crates, you are bound to get enough Skin Shards for a free skin.

I’m a huge “freemium” games content fan. I’ve spent thousands of dollars across Hearthstone, Puzzles and Dragon, League of Legends and so many more I got tired of after a few days. Dropping a few dollars on a new skin or hero roll doesn’t seem like much, but when you drop money every day it starts to add up.

Permanent skins and champions only come from events, so that’s where those statistics come from. You can’t get Kog’maw for free in a Hextech Crate, which are called “portals” in China, so don’t get your hopes up about this being a “leak.” Riot already gives players free champions and skins for playing, though I wouldn’t complain if we got more.

Interestingly, Gemstones aren’t listed by Tencent. They are the rarest drop in the Hextech game, and you need them to get cool skins like Dreadnova Darius or Hextech Vayne. I have none of these skins yet, nor have I ever had enough Gemstones to cover the price of half of one. I imagine the odds are super low if they're not listed here, which is gratifying; I’m not unlucky, just average.

Keep in mind that these are the odds for getting a certain piece of loot in China, which could be different in the rest of the world. Tencent charges a lot more for skins: an Ultimate skin costs 3,250 RP in the U.S. and in China the same one runs nearly 20,000 RP. Hextech Annie costs 10 Gemstones over here, but costs 40 Gemstones under Tencent’s command. In other words, while these odds figures are interesting, they could be very different from what we see in the rest of the world.

Do you think these are the same odds you have opening League of Legends Hextech Crates, or are they exclusive to Tencent and the Chinese servers?