Many “Teen Mom 2” fans swarmed to the Internet Tuesday night after the latest episode aired on MTV and wondered if one of the mothers would get divorced. The Calverts have sworn in the past that their marriage is strong, but after an intense on-air fight, some viewers weren’t so sure they would last and threw around the "D-word."

One of the main sources of tension in their marriage seems to be Jeremy’s job. He’s a pipeline engineer for Price Gregory and has to travel most of the time. Leah usually chalks it up to Jeremy just doing the best he can to support his family.

On Tuesday night’s episode, however, the 21-year-old mother of three discovered that Jeremy apparently took a job in New Mexico instead of a local one in West Virginia. She also didn’t find out in the best way, either -- by snooping through his Facebook messages.

Their argument ended in both of them walking away. Once Leah cooled off she realized she needed to make up with her husband before he went away to New Mexico for five weeks, but he ignored her attempts at reconciliation. When Leah left the room she said, seemingly to herself, “This isn’t going to work out. I don’t want to live like this.”

After the episode, Leah didn’t comment on the status of her relationship with Jeremy on Twitter. Instead, she retweeted some messages from fans who claimed to be in similar situations. Like his wife, Jeremy also stayed quiet on social media. In the past he has taken to his Twitter account to announce that he and the mother of his child were not going to split up.

Before the fifth season of “Teen Mom 2” aired, Leah sat down with The Stir, where she explained that it’s difficult for her family while Jeremy is away. “I do hold down the fort,” the 21-year-old wife said. “It’s hard.” She admitted their relationship is strained and that her husband has a hard time juggling his work and his family. “He's still working on how to show me attention as well as work. To me it's really hard when [he’s] working out of town. I hate it.”

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