• "Leaning Tower of Dallas" comes down
  • Building still stood two weeks after its failed implosion
  • Locals turned it into local marvel
  • The building finally came down with a wrecking ball

The 11-story building called the "Leaning Tower of Dallas" finally came down on Monday with a swing of a wrecking ball two weeks after it's failed demolition.

Locals made the building an oddity after it survived a planned explosion, if leaning at slight angle and managed to take pictures before it was completely torn down.

"You could see the building fall down and then that tower there just kind of stopped," a witness told KTVT. "Everybody went, 'Oh no,' and there it is; it's still sitting there. Amazing."

CNN reported a spokesperson for Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition saying that it's not at all unusual for a building to need a bit of work tearing it down following an initial demolition.

"As with many demolitions, the core and elevator shafts require additional demolition measures, and we will proceed with conventional demolition efforts over the course of the week utilizing a crane and wrecking ball," he said.

A man walks through a demolition site in downtown Shanghai
A man walks through a demolition site in downtown Shanghai, December 1, 2010. Reuters