LeAnn Rimes joked about being pregnant on Sunday, after Brandi Glanville said that a child might teach Rimes proper 'boundaries.' Twitter

It’s been more than a year since LeAnn Rimes told the press to “stop discussing her ovaries,” but they’re apparently now up for discussion again. The 31-year-old country singer fueled speculation that she might be expecting on Sunday night, when she joked about suffering from pregnancy cravings on Twitter.

The same day that she returned from a trip to the U.K., Rimes gushed to fans on Twitter about her excitement upon returning home and seeing her family. “So happy to be home,” she tweeted, followed up shortly after with, “My hubby went to pick up sushi for me [sic] So sweet Ive been craving it so badly cause I’ve had it only once in two weeks #pregnancycraving j/k.”

Although Rimes’ inclusion of “j/k,” Twitter shorthand for “just kidding,” suggested that the comment was intended simply as a throwaway joke, some fans weren’t buying it. “oh me!” one Twitter follower wrote. “You are really WORKING for some drama. First obsessively tweeting about [Brandi Glanville] & now you want to start pregnancy rumors.” Another user wrote, “@leannrimes why dont ya just run down the street naked & be done with it.”

Skepticism about the innocence of Rimes’ comment likely stemmed from the fact that she slammed Brandi Glanville, a cast mate on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and the ex-wife of Rimes’ husband Eddie Cibrian, just days earlier. The trouble began when “Real Housewives” fan Sara Hertel tweeted something negative that was said about Glanville in a preview for the new season of the show: "'I thought you needed rehab. Now I realize its just you.' Lol #rhwbh preview [sic]”

Rimes reposted that message, along with “sorry, can’t deny the truth.” The comment immediately lit up Twitter, with fans alleging that Rimes had deliberately made the comment to provoke Glanville. One user responded to Rimes’ tweet, “out of curiosity ...why would you even respond to that? Do you like to stir up shit with your step-sons mom?” Another user referenced Rimes’ own stint in rehab, writing, “I don't think u have room 2 b talkin abt REHAB [sic].”

Rimes' feud with Glanville began when she and Cibrian started an affair during the filming of the Lifetime movie “Northern Lights” -- Cibrian and Rimes later both left their spouses for each other. Since then, Rimes has frequently sparred with Glanville over social media.

In March, the Glanville even offered Rimes a backhanded compliment when she said that she hoped their relationship would improve when Rimes had children of her own because it would teach her to respect the boundaries of a relationship between a mother and her sons.

“Hopefully, they’ll have a child of their own and she’ll understand better what a proper boundary is for a stepmother and a mother,” Glanville said.

Glanville did not mention what had prompted to her to reach out, but earlier in the day Rimes shared on Twitter that her stepsons had been giving her feedback on her latest album. “I love kids!! Asking them if my album is good ... long brake before "it's good." Omg I died laughing. Boy do they ever humble you!! Lol [sic]” Rimes tweeted. When a follower suggested that Rimes ask them which song was their favorite, she responded “they would say spitfire or gasoline and matches and they walk around singing ‘I don't want to give you back.’ It's the hooks.”

The album, titled “Spitfire,” was released in March, and was widely speculated to be about Rimes’ tumultuous affair with Cibrian as well as her feud with Glanville.