There is a new video that's floating around on Web sites, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter called the Amber Cole Video.

It's a testament to Twitter's ability to take a video and make it spread virally.

The subject Leave Amber Cole Alone is currently trending worldwide on Twitter. But who is Amber Cole and why do we need to leave her alone?

The YouTube video Leave Amber Cole Alone, posted on Oct. 17, shows a young girl defending Amber Cole, who was apparently caught performing oral sex in a public place.

She is allegedly hurt by the fact that her 14-year-old friend was made fun of and that the video was spread on Twitter by all of her friends.

I'm tired of people coming on her page, messing with this young girl because of what she's done, the girl, whose YouTube page is jordanmariebaby, says in the video.

Attempts to get more information about the Amber Cole video lead back to several unrelated videos with links to bizarre blogs.

Attempting to find out more information on the Twitter feed of the girl who posted the YouTube reaction is another dead end.

@jordanndotcom has tweeted up a storm since posting the YouTube video less than 24 hours ago:

She shouldnve did it

This is #AmberCole . 14 yrs old smh

Thanks to yall ignorant people Amber Cole may have taken her life. #NotRight

Why my video is on WSHH! Purin my heart out. & stop requestin me on fb hatin!

Lol, They call me the crying girl

When I get my followers up ima follow back I promise :P

Follow me <3

One Web site,, shows graphic images of a young girl that they claim is 14-year-old Amber Cole with blurred-out screenshots from the supposed video. However, if you check out #AmberCole on Twitter, nobody really knows who she is. A link promising more information from @jordanndotcom's tweet goes to a page that Twitter has flagged as being unsafe.

Whether this is a big publicity stunt for Jordann Marie or not remains unclear. Either way, the subject of the video highlights a disturbing new trend that is rapidly increasing in the world of social media.

*** This video below contains some brief graphic language.